Buck & Belle’s Corner

This is a story about the original B&B: Buck and Belle. They’re the lovable pets who’ve captured the hearts of the Williams family, and the true inspiration behind the Bones in our name. Because of them, our everyday mission is not only to bring high-quality meats to your table – but to be as good as the people our dogs think we are.

Meet Buck, the Curly-Eared Cutie.

Six years old and full of nonstop energy, you can’t help but smile when Buck, our Boykin Spaniel, is around. A natural diplomat, you’ll often find him playing the day away with his best friend, a cat named Birdie. And whether he’s nudging his nose under our hands to gently request attention, or sneaking into the trash for a midnight snack, this bouncy guy puts a little extra sunshine in our days.

Buck’s Favorite Pastime: Chasing birds and making new friends.
Buck’s Favorite Treat: Cheese. All forms of cheese.
Buck’s Favorite Toy: His squeaky bone (but also, does he have to pick just one?)

Meet Belle, the Guardian Angel.

The impact Belle has had on our lives is difficult to put into words. When our blended family came together under one roof in 2008, we anticipated some growing pains. But a shared adoration of Belle, our Border Collie, created an instant bond among all of us. We were her people. And in her own, tail-wagging way, she brought us together. They do say Collies have a way with herding, don’t they?

Too good for this world, our sweet Belle left us in 2020 at the age of 15 (and yes, we do believe that all dogs go to Heaven). Through every challenge in life, including the loss of her leg to cancer, Belle was a fighter – and her strong spirit will shine forever as our family carries on her legacy.

Belle’s Favorite past time: Fetch.
Belle’s Favorite Treat: Even more cheese.
Belle’s Favorite Toy: A squeaky pink toy named Baby.