From the ranch to your table, Beef & Bones is your local meat market. Located in the heart of a renowned ranching community, we are more than a business. We are a family­ – a family that is ready to serve only the very best. That’s why we are committed to providing quality cuts alongside top-notch service. We’d love to have a seat at your table, so come on in.

Our Cuts

So good, you can almost taste it!

Our Promise

We like to eat the best, so we promise to serve you the best. We make it a priority to source our meat from local Texas farms and ranches whenever possible. Our beef selections include USDA Prime and Choice, grass-fed, certified angus and Wagyu. Our poultry is free-range and all-natural. We value honesty and integrity in our food and our suppliers; our promise is quality, always.

Give a Dog a Bone

Or some USDA Choice meat, as it were. When we started Beef & Bones, we knew we wanted to pay tribute to the best friends a person could have: our four-legged friends, Buck and Belle. With their puppy eyes and wet noses, they wagged their way into our hearts (and our name!) And today, we’re serving up dog-friendly treats made from our butcher shop in their honor.