Hi, we’re the Williams Family. Welcome to our meat market! At 17, Charlie took his first job as a butcher’s apprentice in McAllen, Texas. Though he retired his cleaver, he never hung up his apron. His passion for meat and cooking stayed with him; it was in his blood. Growing up, Charlie and his father developed a deep bond in the kitchen. The two were never too far from the grill and always had a new recipe to taste.

After years of serving friends and family his lip-smacking BBQ and award-winning chili, Charlie decided to take the bull by the horns and pursue his life-long dream of opening a butcher shop. Thus, Beef & Bones Meat Market was born.

It’s a privilege to be at your table, so we pour our heart and soul into everything we serve you. We hope you enjoy!

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Our Family

Clayton, Colton, Emily, Katie, Karlie, Charlie, & Lorette